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KingsBazar is the name of the trusted online marketplace, where you can promote your business relentlessly. We can build the confidence in you ensuring that your product will pass through millions of online visitors. It increases the possibility of your product being sold quickly. Since our beginning in 2016, has sold over a numerous number of products worldwide. With 100,000+ Facebook fans, we have the biggest social media follower of any Bangladeshi retailer. We also have over 1 million email subscribers who receive our daily deals. Our suppliers are valued for their quality and reliability, and we enjoy building long-lasting partnerships with them. If you believe you have a great product to add to our collection, please don’t hesitate to start promoting your business with us. Go through the registration procedure and within the shortest period of time, you will be contacted by one of our personnel. Click here to register as a seller.


How to Become a Seller:

You can become a seller at We always encourage people with high enthusiasm in business and we appreciate those who provide high-quality products. The world is full of opportunities and surprise! So why wait? Have a business of your own? Contact our team now!

After becoming a seller at KingsBazar you will get your own account credentials and the opportunity to promote your products on our website. We will help you get the customers you want.


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How to sell Fast

Selling isn’t easy. Now the customers are more smart than ever. And when it’s an online market, they are more eager and want to get the specific and detailed information they want. In order to sell fast, you need to follow some methods. After you become a seller on KingsBazar, you will definitely wish to sell your products fast. To sell fast, we offer you the following guidelines:

Consider Keywords

Specify some common keywords for your products, which will help us to add more common keywords for your products. So that your product match the trending demand of customer.


Take In-detail Product Photos

Provide us with clear images of your product photos. Make those as clear as they are visible physically. We will also provide you with necessary guidelines regarding this.


Think to create To-The-Point Product Store

If you offer different types of products, make possible relevance. If necessary, make bundle or list and price your products in packages. Such as, if you sell accessories with a mobile phone, try to bundle similar accessories or make package with suitable accessory. It will make your shop and its items more credible.


Remember, Getting done is Better Than Perfection

Perfection is always great but sometimes customers’ demand becomes very urgent. Try to offer products matching various occasions. Think about which product, which color or design match the trend. It will help your products being sold more quickly. Keeping your product quality good, be promising to be up-to-date with your products according to the trending demand of customers.


Primary SEO

You should maintain some specific keywords for your products that the customers might search on google. Give the descriptions of the product and include your keywords inside them. But be careful! Over usage of your keywords might lead you to Google penalty and might make it hard fot the customers to find you.


Detailed Photography

Your product’s photographs should be very clear and detailed so that it would help the visitors to get a clear understanding of what they are getting.


Specific Details

Too much descriptions of a product might make the reader annoyed. Get to the point as soon as you can in the description. That’s what the customers want to know.


Keep the trend in mind

Always observe where the trend is flowing and try to adjust your products according to the latest trends. Try to think out of the box and achieve the unthinkable!


Types of Sellers:

We welcome every known type of seller. From antique collection seller to heavy equipment seller, we advertise your product and ensure that your product will reach to the exact customer you want. Contact us and tell what type of product you want to sell. We will also assist you to fit your product in actual product category. There’s no restriction at KingsBazar regarding to sellers. As long as you are selling something legal and have good market demand, we are ready to get on board with you! WE take both types of sellers:


Bulk amount sellers

Retail sellers.


If you are interested to become a seller of our E-commerce, just call our hotline service or contact our business developers team.


Seller Ratings:

KingsBazar allows customer to rate and review the product. But it also has rating facility for seller. Seller rating is a strong indicator of product quality and service levels to our customers. Rating is based on purchase experience which includes timely delivery of product, customer service and good quality products.


New Rating Mechanism

New ratings of sellers on KingsBazar will be calculated on the basis of the following:


Order Perfection Score– indicates the number of orders shipped and delivered to customers without any issues or complaints.

Faster Shipping– indicates how fast orders are dispatched to customers. Orders dispatched in 1 day, 2 days, 3 days and more than 3 days will reflect accordingly.

These rating facilities ensures the good quality of products and seller can learn their customers through the ratings as well.


Seller Security:

KingsBazar is promising to ensure the utmost security to our honorable sellers. We have strong policies and security methodologies which help you to advertise your products with confidence. We attain your copyrights, product uniqueness and other secure shipment and delivery. Our secure payment methods ensures you to have your desired money at your reach after a successful purchase.

We try to provide the most security to our sellers. We create merchat IDs for all the sellers in our website. They are provided with a unique code with which their acoount is created. Their password is also safe with us.




KingsBazar offers a great database for the whole sellers. Our cunning software development team has uniquely built the world-class database so that you can upload your product to our website with proper category. With ultimate ease, you can find the right category for your product. We have a wide range of product listing facility so that any whole seller can get enough room to put his/her product in right place. It also helps your desire customers to find exactly what they are looking for. We can guarantee you to bring you your desired customer from around the world. Thus, being a whole seller, you will get an outstanding experience with KingsBazar. To register as a wholesaler Click Here