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We are humbly welcome to our seller user. Kings bazar is a big platform for business. You can develop your carrier/business from here. Kings bazaar seller user can promote her/his product from here and also sell his/her all kind of product from this platform. Kingsbazar authority always your trust, support and truthfulness.

If you want to register as seller user from our platform you need to maintenance some terms & condition. After registration procedure we will ensure you as a seller user to your e-mail Id within 24 hours and we will provide you our all necessary things whatever you need.

For registration requirement element :

  •         Store Name or Company Name
  •         E-mail ID
  •         Phone Number
  •         Date of Birth
  •         Address
  •         Occupation
  •         National ID Number (must BD citizenship)
  •         Seller photo (passport size jpg)
  •         Seller National ID Card (photo)
  •         Seller CV (pdf,doc)


Note : We will accept seller user with true document’s. We will take 24 hour for inquiry if any seller user doesn’t match our requirement information we will reject his/her application.

Now if anyone interested to get this opportunity and agree with our terms and condition you are humbly requested to apply.

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Anyone need For more inquiry you can contact by


Mobile number : +880 1611445590 or Kingsbazar Online chat 7/24h .